Something’s amiss

Somedays I feel like a slab of butter

I melt upon experiencing some heat

If you know what I mean


Once bitten, twice shy

And I told myself I will never let history repeat again. I need to continue every step with extreme caution.

2014-03-30 13.11.42

You’re a fighter, not a quitter. You’re a princess (fuck yeah) and you deserve nothing but the best. Remember that.


I am back (I guess?)


So I had to retype this very first sentence multiple times before deciding on this exact sentence. Rusty, maybe? Though in all honesty, it is probably because I now (have a job and will somehow be associated to my company) have to type with caution since this is after all a public space and anyone will be able to read this. 

First things first – I MISS SCHOOL. To me, school = freedom + friends. I don’t have to account for anyone else except myself. I have the luxury of planning my own schedules and deadlines. More often than not, I get to choose my project mates (though I am not picky, really) and we end up being pretty good friends. Work, on the flip side, is the exact opposite. I have to adhere to the typical 9 to 6 timetable and am now accountable not only to myself, but to everyone in the company since almost everyone is somehow linked one way or another. I wouldn’t go as far to say I dislike my current job, but I am still struggling to find the optimal point. However, I have to admit that this has been a great learning opportunity and I couldn’t be more thankful. Always remember to count your blessings, not misfortunes.

They say “The number one rule to happiness: Delete the toxic people from your life.” But sometimes life isn’t as simple as the click of a button. It is also important to “Make peace, not war.” I may be confrontational but I pride myself in my ability to forgive easily and I love making new friends! If only some people could see that… 

“Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.” I shall do my best to prove you wrong. As much as I wanna remain zen, it irks me to think some people find joy in putting others down. 

“You can only find peace with others after you have found peace within yourself.”

NYE Dinner

NYE dinner at my place; Simple fare with amazing company 😉

2013-12-31 21.11.45 2013-12-31 20.09.20-1

Kisses for everyone~ hahaha :p2013-12-31 20.10.31

Kickstarting 2014 with optimism 🙂

2013-12-31 17.47.44

One of the few things I learnt this year:

They say happiness is doubled and sorrow halved when shared. Likewise, forgiveness is also doubled when shared. It takes 2 hands to clap in *most* situations. Hence, true forgiveness can only occur when it comes from both parties, no matter who is to be blamed (more/less).


And the saints we see/ Are all made of gold

Chanel exhibition:  The Little Black Project2013-12-09 11.15.23

Spending at least 2.5 to 3 hours a day traveling. Painful, but necessary. There is no progress without some struggle. Though I agree that traveling to and fro work is quite a waste of time.  But it has been refreshing so far and I can’t be more thankful for this opportunity.


It is up to you yourself to decide your own destiny.

However, we don’t always make the wisest decision. Well, not me. I try my best, but you know how there always seems to be a devil and an angel. The worse kind of struggle is that of internal struggle.

Mediterranean FEAST for two the other day, yumm 🙂 My favorite is still Baba Ghanosh!

2013-12-08 15.00.35

Check out the plate of chicken below. Looks like a portion to be shared by 2 or 3? Nuh-uh. It’s a main course meant for ONE.

Yes, ONE.

Portion size aside, the chicken was done to PERFECTION. I have never, NEVER (!!) ever eaten such perfectly stewed chicken until this. It was warm on the outside, soft and succulent on the inside. Not for those with weak stomachs as the chicken was done medium well. It was an ENTIRE chicken omg but I actually managed to finish everything except the wing. Never really liked chicken wings (too much skin and very little meat!!).

In case you’re wondering, this was from La Cartina at Changi Hotel. Totally worth the price paid.

2013-12-12 13.11.51-2

Rockin’ it since 2000~

One of my FIRST ever best friends 🙂 I know, who uses the term best friend now anyway? Le sigh. So glad we managed to ‘rekindle’ our spark haha

2013-12-07 10.07.14

TGIF; I say this because at times I feel like a r o b o t going through the motions.


Nooooope. Not feeling it. But I am starting to learn to take it easy and focus my energy on things that actually do matter. As for the rest… Well, I shall toss them into a bin. A bin named Ignorance.

Cuz hey yo mama ain’t no time for this shit.

 I think I’ll be so proud of myself. My thinking has gone up a notch on the mature counter! 🙂


Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 10.16.15 PM

(Not my picture)

Perfect weather to snuggle up…

“Don’t be afraid to live the life you’ve always wanted to.”

Mmm I will try. Baby steps!


Let’s talk quality

I have been considering making my own lunches to work. I mean, lunch boxes can be the cutest thing!

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.43.09 PM

That aside, the most pressing reason would be my dislike of how our usual hawker fare (though delicious) are usually sooooo oily. Maybe it’s the coming of age… “You are what you eat.” Sometimes I cringe thinking about the kind of junk I put into my body. Our body is our temple, treat it well and it will likewise.

I’m gonna sound ironic here, but I actually love burgers! I know they have a reputation of being ‘unhealthy’, but I guess that’s because regular patties are made up of mostly unwanted meat (think ears, nose…eww). No wonder they are relatively cheap. However, if the patties are of higher quality (consisting of mostly real meat instead of unwanted meat), I think burgers make a good meal. Of course, alongside with some greens 🙂

American sliders for lunch at House@Dempsey!

2013-12-04 13.37.09

Cuz it’s a burger-kinda-day 😉

2013-12-04 13.53.32

What’s in my burger… Ground beef, tomatoes, onions and ‘secret sauce’ (hahaha).

I asked for medium rare but the waiter told me that it’s better to go for medium well because (in his words) ‘it’s ground beef’ and ‘I don’t want it to spoil your lunch’. There you have it – Medium rare is only for higher quality meat  like steak. Always go for steak if you can!

2013-12-04 13.42.22

Besides burgers, I love wraaaaps too! If only we had Pret-A-Manger here… I miss the Hummus wrap 😦

Back to meal preparation. My only concern is the freshness. How long can I keep the rice in the fringe? Will the texture of the rice turn funny the next day?

How a typical meal prep looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.30.08 PM

We don’t have a microwave at home (mum isn’t a huge advocate of microwave – radiation and stuff) so I’m not well-versed in that arena. But I guess it’s pretty foolproof – Pop the tupperware (with the lid open) into the microwave, press the button, and your food should be done in less than 5 mins! Let’s hope my new office has a (functioning and clean) microwave in the pantry 😉

Ending the post with a picture of our Pleated Playsuit ^^

2013-12-04 10.30.15

And it’s gonna be Fridaaaaaaay!


Fog in my head

Omg I had the weirdest dream yesterday. And it seems like I have had similar dreams before. I don’t know what to think. Or maybe the opposite is true – I over think.

I’d like to think of myself as a simple person. Though I’m well aware, beneath that smiley and bubbly exterior lies a somewhat dark soul.

Nobody’s perfect. At least that’s what we say to comfort ourselves (no?). Imperfections are what makes a person unique. Would you rather be perfect but boring (think Korean stars) or flawed but unique?

If even I can’t go beyond that, how can I expect anyone else to do the same for me?

Every time I close my eyes, it’s like a dark paradise

Celebrating Vintage Glamour~

Thanks ladies for gracing our event with your presence 🙂 My first ever official project!


It’s great to be able to finally able to put a face to the name 😉


Me & my long-legged friend x


Me & the 2 very helpful part-timers! They were amazing! 🙂


Bittersweet feeling~

I will be helping out at the showcase today and tomorrow at House@Dempsey! Yay to free staff lunch at House restaurant, yum yum :p

“Every end is a new beginning.”